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..:: Músicas do episódio 6×10 de Skins ::..

Lista das músicas que tocaram no epi 6×10 (Everyone)

1.SBTRKT – Hold On (Sisi BakBak Remix)

2.Wild Billy Childish – Cowboys Are Square

3.Django Django – Default

4.Burial – Loner

5.Kindness – House

6.Boards Of Canada – Everything You Do Is A Balloon

7.Wes Willenbring – As You Fade Away

8.Marty Robbins – Five Brothers

9.Sara Sayed – The Earth Got Round

10.Sharon Van Etten – Give Out

11.Black Sabbath – Paranoid

12.Fred Kash – A Fool

13.Cramp – RU116

14.Parker and Hanson – Afterthought

15.Segal – Shimmer

16.The Black Keys – These Days

17.Goldmund – Clement Danes

18.Rae Morris – Don’t Go

19.Titus Andronicus – Fear and loathing in Mahwah, NJ

..:: Músicas do episódio 6×09 de Skins ::..

Lista das músicas que tocaram no epi 6×09  (Mini & Franky)

1.Grouper – Moon is Sharp

2.Clare Grogan – Don’t Give Up Girl

3.The Saturdays – All Fired Up

4.Daughter – Love

5.Hannah Peel – Sugar Hiccup

6.Gem Club – Breakers

7.Segal – Everywhere

8.I Am Harlequin – Wild One

9.Benny Benassi – Cinema

10.o F F Love – Be Around U

11.Expensive Looks – Nothing More

12.Visions of Trees – Sometimes It Kills

13.Tim Victor and Segal – Let Me In

14.MC Hammer – Can’t Touch This

15.Young Dreams – Young Dreams

..:: Músicas do episódio 6×08 de Skins ::..

Lista das músicas que tocaram no epi 6×08  (Liv)

1.KTD – I can’t explain

2.Benny Benassi – Satisfaction

3.Emeli Sande – Heaven

4.MIA – Bad Girls

5.Blouse – Controller

6.Withered Hand – No Cigarettes

7.No0z – The Streets

8.Segal – Settlers

9.Blue Daisy – Fallin

10.Clams Casino – Treetops

11.Drake – Headlines

12.Zola Jesus – Collapse

13.Daughter – Youth

14.Segal – Settlers

15.Porcelain Raft – Drifting In And Out

16.Withered Hand – Heart Heart

..:: Músicas do episódio 6×07 de Skins ::..

Lista das músicas que tocaram no epi 6×07  (Alo)

1.Martin Solvieg – Boys and Girls (Laid Back Luke remix)

2.Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Bournemouth

3.Yousef – Legacy

4.Bottom Of The Hudson – Fantastic Hawk

5.Segal – Like A Lark

6.Tom Rosenthal – Forgets Slowly

7.Segal – Flaggy and Moyd

8.Martin Solvieg – Hello

9.Chris De Burgh – Lady In Red

10.Lady (ft Fella) – I Need

11.Christopher Willits – Intend-Evolve

12.Tom Rosenthal – Lights On But Nobodys Home

13.Segal – Caro

14.Pandit – Pack Your Bags

15.Cave Painting – Rio

16.Segal – Gookie

17.Segal – Elsewhere

18.Tom Rosenthal – Take Care


..:: Músicas do episódio 6×06 de Skins ::..

Lista das músicas que tocaram no epi 6×06  (Nick)

1.Ben Howard – Keep Your Head Up

2.Digital Appalachia – Tear Down The Walls

3.Johnny Flynn – Lost And Found

4.Aphex Twin – Jynweythek

5.Nouvelle Vague – Ever Fallen In Love

6.F.O.O.L. – We’re Not French

7.Vena Cava – Sleep

8.Segal – Jambdad

9.Woolford and Psycatron – Stolen

10.Mum – Dancing Behind My Eyelids

11.Ray Mang – Look Into My Eyes

12.Honour Before Glory – Monochrome In Sunshine

13.Surgeon – Returning Of The Purity Of The Current

14.Rich James – Hypno-Ties

15.King Creosote, Jon Hopkins – Your Own Spell

16.The Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love